Exhibition textiles4design
Messe Frankfurt / 2009
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We curated and designed the exhibition textiles4design for Messe Frankfurt. It was presented in the context of Material Vision 2009. From the products shown at the Techtextil fair we selected fabrics which due to their properties were especially interesting for product designers and architects and represented the latest developments in technical textiles. Weather proof, conductive, breathable, thermo-formable, spacer warp knitted, energy storing ... all chosen fabrics were characterised by innovative, integrated functions. Through the choice of yarns, their material composition and processing the production of customised technical textiles has become possible. Additional properties can be added by coating - the textile becomes „intelligent“. Lightweight constructions made of architecture membranes, textile composite components or textiles with integrated functions such as embroidered electrical circuits offer new possibilities for the design of products as well as new approaches in the areas of lightweight construction and sustainability.

In collaboration with Luzia Kälin and Johannes Fuchs.