New Materials for Switches
and Sockets / Merten / 2007/08

A new generation of light switches and sockets for the company Merten / Schneider Electric.

In a team under the direction of Stylepark with industrial designer Stefan Diez and the interface designers ma ma design we were responsible for the aspect of material and technology innovation.
Due to the complex assortment making up a series of switches and sockets, the focus often lay on a high degree of modularity concerning especially technology and tool implementation.

By playing creative 'ping pong' between the previously distinguished parameters and the enormous variety of materials and technologies - especially outside the standard materials for switches - we worked out totally new answers and combinations. Thereby we developed different concepts and approaches for a comprehensive material-technology-strategy.
Part of the idea was to combine several materials in one collection. However, the technical and geometric requirements from different materials and technologies are sometimes far apart but very influential on the design. Therefore the challenge lay in finding an overall material language and aesthetics beyond the pure form analogy.

For and with Stylepark.

In collaboration with ma ma Interactive System Design and Stefan Diez.

In collaboration with Mareike Gast.