Special Exhibition on
The Design Annual 2007
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The special exhibition ‘paper lab’, that we have curated and designed on behalf of Materialworks for The Design Annual, focused on paper as a material for 3-dimensional products. The every-day material paper has the following advantages: it can be produced and processed easily, it can be flexible or sturdy, it is cost-effective, lightweight, ecological, available in large volumes and it is aesthetic at the same time. Thanks to new developments, paper has emerged as a high-tech material that can be processed, combined and produced in completely new ways. What becomes possible if paper has photovoltaic properties, is lasered, foamed, injection moulded, or when it turns into ceramics in the kiln? The exhibition presented selected developments from paper technology research, 3D-structures from paper, lightweight constructions, paper with integrated functions, paper processing technologies and existing paper products. The exhibits demonstrate that functional paper can nowadays have such properties that it will cause interesting developments in the fields of architecture, product design and electronics. We have started first experiments with the ceramic paper for the exhibition.

The paperlab exhibition traveled to Iceland for the fair Hönnun + Heimili in Reykjavik in October 2007.

In collaboration with Mareike Gast.

On behalf of Materialworks.