Packaging for Audio Book CDs / der hörverlag / 2006
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Rickety hinges, splintered surfaces and corners, huge quantities of cheap plastic … CD cases are not really high-grade objects. They are not really suitable as packaging for audio books since those productions often comprise up to 12 CDs. These are either inserted into thin cardboard sleeves, or some expensive special packaging is being developed for individual editions. der hörverlag was not satisfied with those options and asked us to develop a new concept for the packaging of CD audio books.

Why a slipcase? The slipcase is a symbol for the protection and display of serious literature. The CD format points to the medium audio recording. The box is very robust, shatter-proof and fit for travel. The cut-out handles provide ease of use. The box is suited as packaging for different subject areas and audiences. It fits into both the parents’ and the children’s shelf. In the shop, a paper banderole communicates a key visual from the movie or the book cover as well as other important information. At home the buyer unpacks the box. The monochrome slipcase and the cut-out handle differ strongly from the packaging of competitors and provide for high recognition. The box system offers three sizes (holding from one up to nine CDs). Compared to existing packages, the slipcase is up to 50 per cent narrower and requires up to 75 per cent less material.

In collaboration with Johannes Fuchs + kentbannerbrown.