New Materials / Technologies
for Mobile Phones / Samsung
Design Europe / 2008

Contemporary material sciences focus on the development of smart and lightweight materials with a minimum of ecological harm. Less size, less weight, less energy consumption combined with more capabilities are some of the main goals.
Materials which themselves are conductive, illuminating, magnetic, sensitive, regenerative, reacting, energy generating etc. will enable alternative ways to create, construct and use products in the future. In short: they will allow us to design smart products. All these criteria perfectly apply to mobile phones.
Using functional materials allows constructions with fewer parts, less assembling, fewer tools, less transport, less raw materials and less energy - which at the same time reduces the negative ecological impact.
These new materials and production processes have a big influence on the form, the aesthetic and the appearance of the product.

In addition to a compendium of future technologies and materials relevant for mobile phones from Samsung we developed concepts, which demonstrate these material-technology-combinations and their possible effect on form, function and aesthetics to communicate the potential innovation.

In collaboration with Hannes Felber und Mareike Gast.