New Material for Kitchen
Appliances / Miele / 2009

In general the material requirements for household appliances are very high. The standards set by Miele are by far above average. Therefore the demand for 'new' material solutions was very complex and challenging to meet especially regarding the lack of experience on the long-term durability of new materials.
In a first step, we suggested a series of concepts and possibilities using standard technologies which we applied in such a new way that from a design perspective innovative solutions regarding aesthetics and use could evolve. In cooperation with manufacturers we realised numerous 1:1 samples showing the variety of possibilities and combinations.
Based on a broad research and evaluation of relevant materials and technologies we went into detailed discussions with experts from different fields. The interdisciplinary cross-thinking led to various concepts showing key factors for future innovations in the field of kitchen appliances.

In collaboration with Hannes Felber.