Concepts for Future Car Engineering / Volkswagen AG
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When we were asked by Volkswagen in 2006 to research new materials and technologies for possible application in the manufacturing of cars, we entered a completely new field. As specialists for “thinking differently” in the field of new materials, new technologies and product development, we started researching new materials and technologies for a new way of car-body construction – based on the demands of ecology, sustainability, light-weight construction, integration of functions, and reduction of components. In the course of the project two concepts evolved, envisioning how automobiles could be constructed and manufactured maybe 15 years from now, combining the results of current research. We discussed and substantiated these concepts with leading researchers, scientists, institutions, companies and organisations worldwide. The research was documented in the form of a roadmap outlining the construction of an automobile representing a maximum in light-weight and energy-efficient construction as well as security.


In collaboration with Mareike Gast.

Due to a nondisclosure agreement we are not allowed to present any details or images relating to this project.