Brand Development for Fissler
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What does Fissler produce?
What does Fissler stand for - visually, emotionally, functionally and qualitatively?
How is Fissler perceived?
What is characteristic for Fissler and the Fissler product range?
What are the values to be retained and how could these be extended?

After a market analysis carried out by a market research institute and an internal analysis we developed a product CI, which brands and identifies the products beyond a simple logo. Furthermore, we developed a comprehensive design guideline. In doing so, four Fissler-typical product lines were differentiated. It was fundamental to determine a design systematic in order to visually, emotionally and functionally pull together the coming generations of products. For that purpose we developed a system of templates, with which the parameters of form, material, surface, production and feature can be formulated for each product line and transferred into a product in an innovative and yet traditional way.

In collaboration with Johannes Fuchs and Cecilie Schjerven